Medical Audit

In order to assess the quality of healthcare that a company currently provides to its employees and identify any shortcomings, a review or audit of its existing scheme needs to be performed. Innes Healthcare Advisors (IHA) is a fully independent organisation which can conduct a fully comprehensive and totally confidential review of a company’s current healthcare provision.

Medical Audit (Scope of Work)

A review of the level of benefits provided by the company’s current insurance supplier and to benchmark these against other companies in the sector.

A review of the claims history to assess if any disparities between premiums paid and claims made.

A review of potential areas known to effect employees’ health and wellbeing.

An anonymised, tailor-made employee questionnaire which can highlight baseline health status/stress levels as well as employee concerns.

Onsite inspections to identify hygiene and ergonomic issues.

Meetings with the HR Director and any other Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Confidential meetings with members of staff to discuss any issues pertaining to all aspects of healthcare.

A review of current mental health strategy.

A review of current wellness programmes.

A review of Emergency and First aid Provision.

A review of Crisis Management /Epidemic planning.