Corporate Teaching

Write to the Point

How to write clear, concise and actionable texts and emails

David’s proprietary teaching course gives your colleagues all the *hacks* they need for writing effective email and text communication. This ever-evolving course has benefitted staff of, among many others, Cathay Pacific, Deutsche Bank, Roche Diagnostics, Fidelity, ABN-AMRO.

Write to the Point doesn’t teach business English as such; it simply introduces new concepts of how to be more confident and productive in written communication.

Write to the Point  introduces the vital tools to boost productivity and, externally, reflect your company’s approachability and efficiency.

  • Get to the point, immediately!
  • Put yourself in the mind of the reader
  • Make it clear in one readthrough
  • Say what happens next
  • Adopt a positive, engaging tone
  • Avoid email/texting ‘ping-pong’
  • … and much more

The content, the examples put up, are tailored to your business sector. It’s engaging and interactive, and now wrapped up in a one-hour session delivered in boardroom or classroom.

Interactive on-line teaching is now available for up to 12 participants.

PLUS a personalised one-hour session via Zoom for individuals wanting to upgrade their corporate writing skills.

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